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Mentorship program

Mentorship is one of the main activities to inspire, encourage and support you. 

Mentors can be connected with through digital channels and are acquired via Microsoft’s Community Mentors Program , HP, Salesforce, Oracle, Accenture, Cisco or amongst others. 


The mentors are experts from the STEM industry, such as:

1.          IT experts in the field of digital transformation.

2.          Experts in the field of e-entrepreneurship and start-ups.

3.          Engineers (from different disciplines / industries).

4.          Physicists and mathematicians.

5.          Computer scientists and developers.

6.          Digital professionals at international companies (marketers, consultants, salesman etc.). 



§Benefits of the mentorship program:


Benefits for the mentees:

-      Accessibility: gain access to contacts / connections, resources, support and new material / knowledge.

-      Determination: through the presence of a mentor, students can stay focused and achieve goals faster. 

-      Solution-oriented thinking: mentors have work experience and more expertise that enable them to help with solving problems, discovering potential mistakes, and challenging your thinking.

-      Self- confidence: through guidance, support,there's a boost in one’s confidence.

-      Having a confidant: have someone you can trust and rely on.

-      Building a network: this can be useful for future internships and jobs both nationally and internationally.

-      Having a role model: a mentor can act as a role model by sharing own experiences, life lessons, failures, successes and wisdom etc.


Benefits for the mentors:

-      Rewarding:  a way to give back to society.

-      Contributing to economic and social progress: by sharing knowledge, experience, time, values, etc. the community's educational level will be enhanced.

-      Increasing confidence

-      Improving communication skills and people management

-     Improving listening skills