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Highlights MWC19 / Mobile World Congress 2019 - Intelligent Connectivity

MWC19 it's a wrap! The theme this year was ''Intelligent Connectivity'' with a strong focus on 5G, AI, IoT and Virtual Reality.  Some highlights of MWC19 / Mobile World Congress 2019 are:

Meeting some amazing social entrepreneurs from Egypt (Raye7: enabling carpooling in Middle East by Samira Negm) to Africa (Senegal, Nigeria, Benin, Kenya, Zambia) who are using technology to make a positive social impact. Africa is not only rocking in Black Panther in Wakanda, but in real life it's rocking even more! 

The keynote by Mariéme Jamme, founder of iamtheCODE, was also an amazing session. She's a true champion, role model, inspiring woman, advocate in empowering girls/women in technology and an excellent speaker! The Women4Tech Summit is definitely a highlight too, great speakers and this time there was more diversity in terms of cultures. 

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10 Benefits and Tips for Digital Transformation using Azure and Microsoft 365 - Microsoft Tech Summit 2018 in Amsterdam

The goal of this summit was to give insights on and teach IT professionals and developers how to build cloud skills with the latest in Azure and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft together with partners like Citrix Systems, AvePoint, CheckPoint, CloudCheckr enlightened us during this technical learning event on the tools available for cloud services, innovative apps, and optimized solutions. It was striking that there was a lack of women both onstage and offstage. Fortunately, Microsoft introduced for the first time ‘Diversity and Tech panel’ at the Microsoft Tech Summit 2018 in Amsterdam.

10 benefits for digital transformation: How can companies benefit from moving into the Cloud? 

1. Information is readily available to employees and stakeholders

2. Can easily share information 

3. The amount of paperwork and time are reduced

4. Access granted to authorized users only. 

5. Information and data are secured and protected.

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10 tips to smooth the digital transformation:

1. Azure SQL Database: for building cloud database and applications to store and manage data. 

2. Exchange Online and Outlook: building networks for digital internal and external business communications. 

3. Microsoft Office 365 (ProPlus) and SharePoint/OneDrive: employees can access, save and share their work online via any device in any part of the world. 

4. Azure including Microsoft Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery: to design, build and manage secure applications in the cloud.  Azure Active Directory to secure and manage who has access to your corporate resources and files.


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Highlights Mobile World Congress 2018 – Creating a Better Future

Diversity and Digital Marketing improvement at Mobile World Congress 2018:


Second year in a row Diversity4tech.Science attended the Mobile World Congress to bring you the scoop about all the latest in technology, digitalization, gadgets, mobile, apps, and this year the focus was on AI; you know Artificial Intelligence. 

GSMA chose again the culturally rich and intriguing cosmopolitan city Barcelona for this year edition and it is confirmed also for 2019. If you are an engineer, software developer, buyer, salesperson, writer, marketer, student, technology enthusiast, influencer, or just a fan, just hang out here a little bit more to learn more about the latest technology revealed at Mobile World Congress.   


This year the three main things in technology revealed were Artificial Intelligence ( AI ), 5G, and Internet of Things (IoT). These were the main focus at this year Mobile World Congress. We documented some on video to share with you, just watch below live video’s to enjoy a piece of the technology madness at MWC18. 



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Updates Marketing Practices

Marketing Nation London 2017


Marketing Nation London 2017 was held on the 19th of October 2017, in London at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre. Marketing Nation is a conference organized by Marketo and the purpose is to share best practices in and new technologies for digital marketing by Marketo and its partners. The companies were amongst others Clevertouch, BulkSMS, Adroll, Creation Agency, Successflow, and cVent. 


Topic ´ The Engagement Economy´:

The topic of the conference was ´The Engagement Economy´. We moved from ´Industrial Economy´ to ´Consumer Economy´,  and now we are experiencing the ´Engagement Economy´ which should be applied as well in digital marketing.   Companies need to adopt a more personal approach in their communication with consumers. So from a marketing perspective, the engagement economy entails that companies should be more engaged with consumers and their needs.


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Amazon and the store of the future / Amazon y la tienda del futuro


Also curious about how Amazon got so big and successful? I was!! And wanted to see and hear firsthand about their story. On 8th of February 2018, ESIC Barcelona organized a seminar about Amazon called ´Amazon and the store of the future´.

One of the secrets learned why Amazon got so successful, is that they kept expanding business and product offer. In the beginning they just started selling books, then DVD and music and then offering more product categories.Through data they found out what customers want and how they wanted it and this is the reason why Amazon has a big range of products. Big data was already a big thing in Amazon´s business.

Time is changing and they quickly realized that today customers want convenience and fast service. The 80 / 20 rule was definitely applied here. Always have a niche market and keep investigating and getting to know your niche market.

Amazon also understands that being physically available will boost business. So how will the store of the future look like? Amazon Go is the store of the future! Another technology adopted by Amazon is their delivery drone designed by ´Starship´, which is a small car robot that delivers online purchases.

The four secrets to have a solid eCommerce business as learned from Amazon:

-          Keep expanding business

-          Apply the  80 / 20 rule

-          Include review section on your website, good for SEO too  

-          Embrace technology into your business   


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New Technology for Digital Marketing improvement

Mobile World Congress 2017


Mobile World Congress organized by GSMA, is the event to be for all technology, gadgets, mobile, digital tools, apps etc. if you are into that kind of world!!! Whether your are an engineer, software developer, buyer, salesperson, writer, marketer, student, enthusiast, influencer, or just a fan. This is the PLACE TO BE! Each year it is held in the beautiful cosmopolitan city of Barcelona that is culturally rich and intriguing. 


Various latest technology at Mobile World Congress 2017:

At the 2017 edition, of course Diversity4Tech.Science was present and lots of stuff was happening there that you got to experience first hand, From smart cars to fashion apps, from mobile phones to cloud networks, from chatbots to robots, from smart houses to data technology,  from digital marketing tools to virtual games with real life motions (simulations) and the list goes on. 


Exhibitors at Mobile World Congress 2017:

Not only you got to see all the cool technology presented by companies like:

Microsoft, Huawei, Nokia, SAP, Siemens, ZTE, Peugeot, Google, Samsung, Fashion TV, HP, HTC, Lenova, Cisco, Yahoo!, BMW, AT&T, SEAT, Ericsson, LG Electronics, Intel, PayPal; You also got to attend seminars and witness the first Women4Tech summit at Mobile World Congress.  More on diversity at MWC in the next post.  The four days are actually not enough to see and experience everything!!


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Diversity at Mobile World Congress 2017:


As Diversity4Tech.Science stands for diversity inclusion, one of the main goals was to check diversity at MWC and the exhibiting companies. Surprisingly, actually not really a surprise it was more a confirmation that more men were involved and especially in the higher positions. In terms of ethnicity it was striking that the majority was White People. At first glance, there is nothing wrong with that, but in order to reach more people and understand your audience and their needs, diversity is crucial.


We all now live in the 21st century, the century of millenials, where technology knowledge is present everywhere. The youngest generation might even know more than the older generations across all countries, cultures and races. Irrespective where peolpe come from, their gender, age or background everyone has something to contribute. It only takes faith, trust, acceptance, understanding, and inclusion to get the best employees!


Another interesting element to be pointed out, is that there was some sort of social responsibility and sustainability present at MWC17. The United Nations had a display with their Sustainable Development Goals and GSMA developed an area called ´Mobile for Development Rural Village´ (M4D). Continue reading on our blog.


Another main goal was the technology advancement in mobile and digital industy. This part will be discussed in the next post ´Seminars attended at MWC 2017´

Seminars attended at MWC 2017:


At the seminars you could learn more about the new technologies, tools, programs and how they should be best implemented and executed. It is a chance to learn more about the added value of each tool for your business and/or even private atmosphere.


Some interesting tools and programs:

Aisle411 Snapshot ---> Aisle411 is a retailer mobile app that basically provides users a ´Shopper location´, ´Digital store map´, and ´Product location and search´ in stores.  It maximizes consumer engagement as it enables comfort and convenience. And  will trigger an increase in business for retailers. 

-  vSEC, Cloud Security----> this is to protect and safeguard data from cyber criminals. Very important when handling customer data for digital marketing purposes, that you ensure data protection in order not to defraud your users unknowingly

-RCS Chatbots -----> the tool ´RCS Connector´ that enables the Chatbot function, provides anonymization, privacy, innovation and discovery analytics. Useful for businesses like airlines, banks, restaurants, hotels, retailers even for healthcare, security and transportation services.


Digital Lifestyle tools:

It is clear that technology and digital tools changed our lifes. Things that we do or use in our daily lifes, dramatically changed without even realizing it. The seminar ´Transition to a Digital Lifestyle´ shed some light on these tools, like:



- TV ----------> now Videos on Demand, via YouTube, MUBI or Voot as examples

- Taxi ---------> now Online Taxi Booking, via OLA or Uber as examples

- Hotel --------> now  .......... Continue reading on our blog.



Worth reciting is a quote mentioned at the seminar which is:


´There has never been a better time to be an innovator - while there has never been a more difficult time to be in business´



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