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Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks

Create a Digital Marketing Strategy:

First tip is creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for your business, company or project. It is very essential to know your own business, its objectives, its accomplishments, target market, target audience, potential clients and even your competitors and their Digital Marketing Strategy.

10 steps to create a Digital Marketing Strategy   

We will discuss this subject in different parts, each published separately.


- As mentioned above, it is necessary to do research on your own business and competitors. This will enable you to develop a Digital Marketing Strategy.

- Create interesting, entertaining, educational and visually intriguing content that is relevant, short and easy to read. This is called Content Marketing. More on Content in another post. Read more..... 


- Identification and understanding of the set business goals and the means applied to reach these goals.

- Set the marketing goals which are SMART and include KPIs. Read more...... 


- Determine the means how to achieve the marketing goals.

- Determine the means how to measure the online marketing goals. Read more......

Want to know all these steps, read more about it on our blog.

3 steps to set KPIs

1. analyze business goals

2. evaluate the set SMART marketing goals

3. derive KPIs from these marketing goals as a measure to achieve them

What are KPIs exactly? KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators which is a technique to measure and ensure the completion of the set marketing goals. The marketing goals support the general business goals. Want to learn more about all these steps to set Key Performance Indicators, read more on our blog.

7 Consumer behavior stages online to discover

Intro to Cross-Media Marketing

10 Best practices for Social Media

7 Consumer behavior stages online to discover

1. Knowledge; get to know the company and its services / goods.

2. Consideration; considering making a purchase.

3. Action; to actually buy. Want to learn more about all these stages, read more on our blog.

Intro to Cross - Media Marketing

Cross-media marketing is a blend of traditional and digital marketing media. A website is essential here and is the main focus in marketing nowadays, which is supported by the following media: online media and offline media. Want to learn more about cross-media marketing, read more on our blog.

10 Best practices for Social Media

1. Manage your Social Media accurately.

2. Stay competitive.

3. Interaction with your online audience.

4. Connect with your community / audience lifestyle. Want to learn more about all these practices, read more on our blog.

7 mistakes you cannot commit during the digital transformation of your company

7 errores en los que no puedes caer durante la transformación digital de tu empresa


A seminar organized by ´La Salle´ University of Ramon Llull in Barcelona, taken place on 19th of January 2018. The goal was to present to companies, irrespective their sizes and industry they’re in, the mistakes they should avoid when it comes to digital transformation. Since technology is growing faster as ever, it is crucial for companies to adopt these changes in order to keep growing their business and stay competitive. 


Back to the seminar. It was very interesting to learn how experts and academics experience this digitalization and their take on it. The program of the event was a presentation by Carles Izquierdo de Mor who is the coordinator of the Digital Transformation Executive program at Ramon Llull, and a roundtable of questions and answers between him, Montse Marta Marsal who is the founder of ´Connecting Brains´, Pedro Domínguez who is the Chief Information Officer Iberia of ´Schneider Electric´ (a company that promotes diversity, more in another post Diversity in Companies), and moderated by Elena Elorriaga (Business Innovation of Connecting Brains)It was pleasant to see two women involved in the seminar who are engaged in the digital world. The organizers did a great job to include diversity in terms of gender equality, in the event!!


What they all seem to be agreed on at the roundtable is, one learns mostly from trials and mistakes when defining processes for digital transformation of the business. Marta, founder of ´Connecting Brains´, also pointed out that one should ´lead by example´, a thinking that is crucial in the digital world. A recommended book to help you with designing your company´s digital transformation process is ´The Innovator's DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators´.


The ´7 mistakes you cannot commit during the digital transformation of your company´ they were referring to, are in a nutshell:

1. Do not rely on consultancies and external consultants to draw you a plan as they do not always have the right answers. After all they do not know your company as good as you do and your employees.

2. Do not rush things. Take your time when transforming, it should be done gradually and not at once. 

3. Not building a dedicated team is bad. Name a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) or a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to manage this team and the digital transformation project of your company..........  Want to know all these seven mistakes, read more on our blog.

6 ways to communicate your Brand on Instagram

Seminar 'How to Communicate your Brand on Instagram' / ¿Cómo comunicar tu Marca en Instagram?


Assisted the seminar 'How to Communicate your Brand on Instagram' on Wednesday the 31st of January 2018 which was organized by ´Internacional de Marketing´. It was presented by Jordi Cirach who is an Influencer Manager Specialist and also works as Digital Brand and Social Media Strategist.


The idea of this master class was to show how you can use Instagram effectively in your marketing communications. He pointed out some tactics that I agree with which will be discussed in here.


These pointers will be explained in steps and these are as follows:


1. Create a clear message with your posts. When creating an image, your message should be personal, exciting, simple, entertaining, memorable, and equally important......

2. Develop a strategy to captivate/generate users. There are different tools to support your Instagram posts to get more likes, shares and views......... 

3. Explore the advanced configuration of Instagram and other tools to create visibility. Making use of the feature ´Instagram Stories´, which helps to get real followers to add different links in just one URL.  Useful ways to appear in the best results within the search engine of Instagram is .......... 

4. Know or get familiar with keys to create an effective communication strategy. 

5. Explore brand strategies to be more creative in your message.

6. Get the attention of brands or agencies when your goal is to be an Influencer.

You are considered an Influencer when you have at least 10,000 followers........


Want to learn more about all these six ways how to communicate your brand on Instagram, read more on our blog.

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