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Diversity4Tech.Science Online School

The engine for free and affordable online courses


‘Online School’ for accessible, affordable, fun, and qualitative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education for everyone regardless of gender, background, culture! 

Are you tired of looking on the web for online courses that are free and what you can actually pay for which are self-paced too? Here you will find an overview of all online free and/or affordable available courses in STEM, especially in IT, that you can take anytime and anywhere.

Diversity4Tech.Science Online School is your one e-learning platform to find numerous of available online STEM courses that are free and affordable. The all-in-one source engine for affordable online courses, compatible for usage on any device and size (computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phones). 

Whether you are a student in elementary, primary, secondary school or university, or any individual, these courses are easy to follow and you will improve your technology and scientific skills and knowledge in no time. 

Learn how to code, develop a mobile app, develop a digital network, software development, robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), digitalization, programming, cloud computing, create games, website building etc.


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Learn how to code in school and use Diversity4Tech.Science elearning platform! The engine for free, affordable, and easy online courses in IT.