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Diversity testimonials

Best practices, testimonials, achievements, success from individuals from different diversity groups.

Read here about Women4Tech Congress at Mobile World Congress, the  women congress during Mobile World Congress. And about fem.talent 2018, Coctels & Net Seminar Barcelona-entrepreneurial women in technology, and about Premis Dona Women Awards TIC 2017

Delores Maxwell - Group Manager Technology Services Management at Ecobank Group > Africa

Female Tech experts at Bloomberg, American Express, Microsoft and PwC > UK

Gregory Lowe - successful designer of multiple mobile applications >USA

Sohaila Ouffata - Director of Platform at BMW iVentures > Marocco

Lisa Wang - co-founder SheWorx > Asia

Asha Sharma - Chief Operating Officer of Porch > Asian USA

Forum fem.talent 2018

Forum fem.talent 2018 '10th years anniversary'– World Wide Women 

Everyday should be International Women's Day! Yesterday, the 9th of March, Forum  fem.talent 2018 took place, celebrating its 10th years anniversary. This conference with the aim of advocating the promotion for equality, was organized by Barcelona Activa and coordinated by Municipality of Barcelona (Ajuntament de Barcelona).

It was a pleasant experience, especially the  keynote speaker Cheryl Miller Van Dyck, and one of the roundtables that included women from different countries, cultures and skin color, were very interesting and inspiring. This concerns the roundtable “Women in Science Parks and incubators” (DonesxDones en parcs científics i tecnològics), which included: 

- Mozhgan Yazdianpour, from Iran who is the Director of International & Scientific Cooperation, Isfahan Science & Technology Town (ISTT), Iran. 

- Hauwa Yabani, from Nigeria who is the Manager Director and CEO at the Abuja Technology Village Free Zone, Nigeria.

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Second Women4Tech Summit 2018

Also, this year the Women4Tech Summit was taken place, for the second time at Mobile World Congress. This full-day program is designed for women to include them and promote their involvement in technology and mobile. As for diversity inclusion as a whole at the congress, there was no difference from last year.

The organizer GSMA is bias when it comes to diversity in terms of gender and ethnicity. It was striking that still at the seminars, the keynote speakers and the representatives/executives of companies, more than the majority was male and white. Just like it was stated at the Women4Tech Summit, ‘Diversity drives Innovation’, we support this thought and expect to see this change being implemented at the congress.

Interestingly, is that this year they included more diverse groups onstage, in terms of age, skin color and culture. You had successful women varying in age, countries, skin color and job levels. The remark Diversity4Tech made last year ‘Now adding more diversity in terms of age, skin color and culture is the next step to go for!  just came true!!!


Some powerful words shared at the summit by two amazing and inspiring minority women, Continue reading on our blog.

12x12 Congress - Premis Dona Women Awards TIC 2017:


It is a platform where they award women in technology for their contribution and involvement in technology advancement in Catalonia, Spain. They also did not only discuss companies that develop programs to include and promote women involvement, but also awarded these companies. 


This event is a great initiative by the goverment of Catalonia to empower and ecourage local women to be part of its technology advancement.


The company who won the category ´Woman TIC Business Initiative´ was Oracle with their program ´Oracle4Girls´.  Another company in Spain that was discussed about and deserves to be recognized as well for their girl inclusion programs, is ....

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More on the initiative and inclusion programs of these companies in another post in our section ´Diversity in Companies´


The most powerful words shared at the award were by HP, go as follows:

´Diversity and Inclusion is not just a moral imperative - it is a business imperative´

Coctels & Net Seminar Barcelona:


It is an event for entrepreneurial women in technology that takes place several times per year.  The last one, took place December 2017 which consisted of a women panel that shared their stories, and even obstacles they faced. This time PandoraHub was the invited company, which is a network of initiatives and people that supports technology and start-ups in rural areas in Spain. Continue reading on our blog.


This seminar aim was to empower entrepreneurial and aspiring entrepreneurial women to go for it and believe in what they offer!

First Women4Tech Summit:


At the 2017 edition of Mobile World Congress, the first Women4Tech Summit took place. 


As founder of Diversity4Tech.Science and as a woman, it was essential for me to attend

and expercience the first edition of Women4Tech Summit. It was more than interesting, it was fun, inspiring and enlightening!


The program was divided in four key themes, namely:

- Empowering 

- Encouraging 

- Transforming 

- Innovating 


Did you know that in Spain alone all the big bosses of big technology companies including IBM, SIEMENS, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, HP are all WOMEN??!! 


Did you know that a woman was responsible for the landing of the first man, Neil Armstrong, on the moon??!! Her name is Katherine G. Johnson and she is a black female mathematician, her coding made the landing possible. 


Also part of the program was the announcement of women leaders nominees and winners of the ´GLOMO Awards 2017´, ´ The Global Mobile Awards´ . Winners are.....

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Two women speakers who were also inspiring

Chelsey Baker ---> Founder and CEO of ´National Mentoring Day´ and ´World Mentoring Foundation´. 

- Lorena Boix-Alonso ---> Head of Unit, Converging Media & Content, DG CONNECT, at the European Commission.


Some powerful words and texts were shared at the summit that do make sense when it comes to diversity. Favourites mentioned below:


- Gender diversity strengthens professional communities and networks.

- A diverse mix of voices leads to better ...........Continue reading on our blog.



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