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Diversity in technology


- Companies and agencies with diversity inclusion;


- Tools and programs for diversity inclusion in the digital industry;


- Diversity in Digital Marketing practices by companies in the industries fashion, lifestyle and travel (companies who include diversity in their marketing campaigns).


In here we will discuss four major subjects, namely:

1. Diversity in the workplace

2. Companies with diversity inclusion

3. Tools and programs executed for diversity inclusion in the digital industry

4. Companies who include diversity in their marketing campaigns   


Below at each photo you can click for more details posted about each subject. The first post will be our experience at MarketingNation 2017 in London, and the next one about Premis Dona Women Awards TIC 2017 pointing out the current diversity programs of companies. Examples of companies with inclusion and diversity programs are Oracle, HP, and Google.




Diversity in the workplace: Marketing Nation London 2017


The first post about diversity in the workplace is an analysis based on the exhibiting companies at Marketing Nation London 2017, which was held on the 19th of October 2017. 


Marketing Nation is a conference organized by Marketo and the purpose is to share best practices in and new technologies for digital marketing by Marketo and its partners. The companies were amongst others Clevertouch, BulkSMS, Adroll, Creation Agency, Successflow, cVent....... Read more on our blog


Diversity exclusion at Marketing Nation London 2017

At the conference the majority was male and even on stage 80 procent was male speakers. It is not surprising either that 99 procent was caucasian too. Now as an attendee, a woman of color who is passionate about online marketing and all things digital, it is not inviting to connect with and show interest in these companies.


One of these companies, to be exact Successflow, even totally ignored me when I visited their booth, including Mark Donkin who is the Managing Director. What message does this send to me or other diversity groups as potential client or partner? Read more on our blog.







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Diversity in the            Companies with               Tools and programs                Companies who 

workplace                    diversity inclusion             executed for diversity            include diversity 

                                                                                  inclusion in the digital            in their marketing

                                                                                  industry                                    campaigns